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Events list

Published on 21 February 2020

EVS and Grass Valley join AIMS Alliance (December, 2019)

AIMS is a non-profit trade alliance that fosters the adoption of one set of common, ubiquitous, standards-based protocols for interoperability over IP in the media and entertainment, and professional audio/video industries.

The picture below shows the roadmap that AIMS supports:aims.png

Project presentation at WAI/Sitis 2019 (26-29 November, 2019 - Sorrento, Italy)


Project presentation at the EFECS European Event (Helsinki - Fi, 19-21 November -  See




Creation of ADIMEC Blog dedicated to CAVIAR project ( 2 October 2019 - See )

Consortium Meeting (AMS - B, 2 October 2019)


TNO Presentation on medical work in CAVIAR (B.E.S.T. Innovation course 2019 in Strassbourg (23 August 2019 -


Consortium Meeting (Grass Valley - NL, 4 June 2019)


TNO Presentation on super resolution demosaicking for staring hyperspectral sensor (link to Agriculture demonstrator) (23 May 2019 - NVPHBV Meeting, Leeuwarden)


Grass valley presentation of works on 25Gbps simulations for video transmission (CDNLive 2019, Cadence, Munich, 7 May 2019.)